Illustrations on different techniques


Hello folks! Welcome to my website where I intend to upload illustrations, paintings and my own animated features (see section “Portfolio”). Enjoy this space in order to leave your comments (they will be moderated) concerning to what will be posted and uploaded. I chose this site (WordPress) because this offered me the exact layout needed for uploading personal and copyrighted material. As well as being a Linguist, I’m also an Illustrator and Animator (in pre-service). Feel free to leave your comments regarding what is published here, mainly, the illustrations and animated features. Concerning the estimate cost of the illustrations and animated features, these are based on a standard table of the market (the price may vary although). Much of the business involved are set between the interested person and I (primarily, focusing on the price of the material plus the creativity of the artist). The estimate cost of organic illustrations and digital ones may vary, though. The illustrations bellow are emulations from Disney’s artwork books and art books during my studying process (all their rights reserved).


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