My New Guanabara Bay Canvas: Ready!

Guanabara Bay 8

It seemed a real pregnancy. This huge canvas demanded nine months. Most of the moments were loaded with inspiration, although impatiency, many moments in which I found out myself really bored and also chalenging moments (mostly of then trying to reproduce the real texture of mountains and capture the aspects of our rainforests). This is the view from “Vista Chinesa” (Chinese viewpoint), where, despite its name, all the city, Sugar Loaf and its vicinities can be contemplated altogether with the high buildings. The saturation is quite beyond of what its required as I decided to let these series of Canvas with the same aspect of animated movies. My client, who ordered this, is eager to have this piece delivered. Now, this Canvas will be properly framed. I speacilly thank my client who was very patient and comprehensive with me throughout these almost a year and a half of working (since the first plans, rough sketches, plans and the reach of a fair budget).


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